Information about K-ETA (1 May 2022)


6 for K-ETA Additional Eligible Countries(from May. 1st, 2022) 

Brunei Darussalam, Kuwait, New  Zealand,  Panama, Peru, Saudi Arabia

Following  the  implementation  of  K-ETA, nationals  of  102  countries/regions, 
who  were  eligible  for  visa-free  entry now should  apply  for  K-ETA  for the issuance of the boarding pass(flight or ship).
K-ETA  authorization  is  generally  valid  for  multiple  trips  over  a  period of  two  years  or  until  your  passport  expires, whichever  comes  first. (Application fee - 10,000  KRW/person)

K-ETA  is  NOT a  visa.  K-ETA  approval  does  not  guarantee admission  to  the  Republic  of  Korea. 
A  Korea  Immigration  Service officer at  a port of entry will have the final determination.

Please  note  that  the  information  entered  cannot  be  modified  once  the application  is  submitted. 
In  case  of  submitting  incorrect  application,  you need  to  re-apply  for  K-ETA. 
Make  sure  all  information  is  filled  in correctly before  making  a  payment.

For detailed information, refer to the attached file.

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