K-ETA Policy Highlights from the First 8 Months, and Detailed Information for Users


K-ETA Policy Highlights from the First 8 Months, 

and Detailed Information for Users

January 2021 marks the first 8-month anniversary of the Republic of Korea’s Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) implementation.

Following trial operation from 3 May 2021 to full operation since 1 September 2021, Korea has become the 5th country in the world to carry out the ETA policy, not to mention the first to be implemented in Asia. Due to COVID-19, K-ETA is currently applied to 50 countries

The Ministry of Justice plans to put together a detailed Q&A (refer to attachment 1) based on the questions received by applicants, in order to provide a more easy and convenient application process. 

there have been quite a few reports regarding websites that charge a large fee for K-ETA application. 

Please use the official K-ETA website for K-ETA application to avoid falling victim to spam or being overcharge. (refer to attachment 2) 

Users can apply for K-ETA for themselves or family members, and friends, etc. via the official K-ETA website easily and conveniently (refer to attachment 1). 

* PC:  www.k-eta.go.kr, Mobile app: K-ETA.

* If you have any questions when applying for K-ETA, please use the K-ETA website’s ‘Ask Us’ service or call +82-2-2666-0463.

[Please see the attached file]

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법무부의 해당 저작물은 “공공누리 4유형(출처표시)” 조건에 따라 누구나 이용할 수 있습니다.